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Today is the due date for submissions!

Please submit your bases here: Paramount March Base Building Competition

How to submit your base:
When your base is ready to be submitted for judging you can either take screenshots of your base, or shoot a short video showing off the aspects you think will be best for judging. Admins will also visit each submission in person for a closer look.
Note* Please make sure you do not include any information that can give the location of your base away during submission.

In order for this competition to be successful, we'd like to see a whole lot more entries please!
- Holden

Like us on facebook!

HolDeN_lbs aO posted Mar 25, 14

Hi guys,

It's come to my attention that it may be beneficial to have a Facebook Page for the server, sounds good to me, I'll do anything to spread the word about the server! 

What I need from you is a few seconds of your time to check out the FB page and like it if you would! Perhaps share it if you're extra nice!

Here is the link:

- Holden

New World: Paramount PvE

HolDeN_lbs aO posted Mar 14, 14

Hey guys! 

Paramount PvE has officially been released today! You can quickly gain access by typing: "/warp pve".
Currently, PvE is open to donors only! However you can purchase a monthly pass at our online store. Invitations to regular players will be issued eventually but not for a little while.

What is PvE?
The PvE (Player versus Environment) server allows players to battle the environment and mobs while working with, instead of against, other players. The emphasis is usually on collaborative building and friendly competition. The entire map is PvE, without player-on-player damage, with limited exceptions for a few PvP-enabled arenas.
PvE is known for its large, active, and friendly community. Players often use Mumble to coordinate building and events, such as spleef matches. The subreddit and wiki are used extensively by PvE players as well.

- Holden

Introducing our new Staff Position: Moderator.

As the server is growing, more and more people want to be involved in being a staff member. I decided to create a way for more plays to be a part of the Paramount Staff Team!

We now have three Staff Ranks in Paramount:
  • Demi-God
  • Moderator
  • Admin
As part of the introduction to the new rank, I'd like to introduce the new hierarchy system enlisted over these three ranks;
  • To become a Moderator, you must have already been a Demi-God for at least 2 weeks.
  • To become an Admin, you must have already been a Moderator for at least 1 month.

A Demi-God is known as the Chat Moderator of Paramount, this position has slightly changed as of today; Demi-God no longer has the power to jail players. Demi-Gods are expected to play on the server as regular players and do not receive any advantages in-game are are not favoured by the Admins.
Powers: Mute & Kick.

A Moderator has more responsibility than a Demi-God but is still considered a regular player of the server. They are required to jail suspected hackers until an Admin becomes available and must only use the ban command as a completely last resort and must have a very good reason. Moderators are expected to continue playing as a regular player and do not receive any advantages in-game are are not favoured by the Admins.
Powers: Mute, Kick, Jail & Ban.

An Admin is a dedicated Staff Member of Paramount Factions, the police and law of the server. These are the most trusted people of all of Paramount and have final say in any situation. They are required to regularly check for hacking and illegal activity, as well as helping players and creating a community. Admins may be required to complete tasks set out by the owner.

Thanks for reading,
- Holden
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